I’ve always enjoyed watching an older woman spank a younger woman which is probably why the Top Marks videos that I made with Ms Harrison Marks featured so much of it. It also more than likely stems from the days of my reading spanking magazines such as Janus and Februs where I there was a reader’s letter from a woman who said ‘A woman really knows how to punish another woman as they know where it hurts them most’ sic. Another thing I enjoy is when  the woman being spanked is not naked; I find it much more erotic when the one who is being punished has the added humiliation of having her skirts raised and her bottom bared to show not only her curvaceous buttock but also her more intimate place. 

Clare Fonda’s new offering from her spanking site Girl Spanks Girl has all of the above: an older woman, a younger woman and one who is fully dressed – well she is to begin with at least. But don’t take my word for it take a look at Clare Fonda’s latest Sexy Girls Spanking Day One and you can decide for yourself.