Well what a great day today has been. I thought it would be easy creating a WordPress website but how wrong I was. I spent the sunny afternoon trying to create my website and eventually gave up. It seems the simplest of things is difficult to do, especially when for me it’s like the blind leading the blind. I wanted to create a home page and have text on the left hand side and a picture on the right hand side, much like the home page on this site. But could I do it. No. After much faffing around and watching an endless stream of WordPress help videos on You Tube I still couldn’t fatham it out. I added pages, removed pages and followed all of the instructions given in the You Tube videos but nothing. On this website it is so simple that I wonder why I want to bother with WordPress at all. Maybe I should choose Joomla which my son-in-law uses and knows everything about but I know what will happen. He won’t get any work done and my daughter will get the hump. 

I text and asked one of my Mistress lady friends if she used WordPress and if she could help me out. Her reply was, that she does and that it’s a nightmare to use, adding, ”Why don’t you come over and see me tomorrow and I can go through what you are stuck with.” That offer I didn’t expect and at present I won’t be taking up her offer as although it’s always nice to see her I feel that as I haven’t got anywhere with my website it’s too early to do that as she’d be spending all day creating a site with me. 

Tomorrow is another day and if I feel the urge to create a website I may well have another crack at it and if I don’t feel like it I wont as it really isn’t urgent.