Today my wife took her cousin who is staying with us for a few weeks to Walthamstow Market. They went by the Victoria line tube but the train they got on didn’t go all the way to Walthamstow Cental it terminated at Seven Sisters. Not knowing the layout of Seven Sisters station my wife was unsure of which platform to go to to catch a train that would take them to their destination which is the end of the line. When she got out of the carriage she thought her cousin was behind her; but she wasn’t, she was still on the train with a crazy black man kicking her back violently and beating her about the head with his bag causing her to suffer a swollen and cut lip. Not knowing what to do, my wife apprached a member of the staff and they took them to the station office where the police were called. Thankfully the Victoria Line has CC TV cameras which the police are going to view. Hopefully this cowardly sick bastard will be caught and banged up so he cannot do the same to anyone else. The scary thought is that he could have so easily thrown them both on the electrified rails. No doubt as station staff are cut incidents like like will become more frequent. Thank you TFL.