Originally posted on 9th May 2018As you may already know many of my dear friends are dominant ladies (Mistresses). Although I am not a submissive person, quite the opposite in fact I still do not go out of my way to annoy them. Well, who does go out of their way to annoy a friend on purpose unless it’s in the form of a wind up.
On March 26th I sent a text message to a Mistress, one I consider to be a good friend and for her sake and mine she shall remain nameless, saying that I hoped she would enjoy the Femme Domme Ball that she was so looking forward to attending. It didn’t take long for her to text back saying that ”I thought it was in October!” My Mistress friend checked the date with the organisers and she was right as it is on October the 6th, and I was of course wrong and that I almost gave her a heart attack with my message. Oh boy, foot in mouth time and time for apologies to be made and the suggestion that she should take my mistake out on her slave’s backside, with the added information that for the time being I will be keeping my head low and off the radar so to speak.
For those interested in the Femme Domme Ball you can contact Madame Caramel on twitter @LadyCaramelDXB