Originally posted 26th March 2018

My pet hate: I do wish quiz masters would say the name of the planet Uranus as we all know it should be said, not mispronounce it. We live in such a nanny wrapped in cotton wool country it beggars belief. When I was at school Uranus was was said correctly. Sure, we all know the smutty schoolboy jokes surrunding the planet’s name and it’s resembelance to a certain part of the human anatomy, that place where the sun doesn’t shine unless your name is Jacke Webster and it tends to shine out of it. All joking aside, why can’t television companies and the media accept the correct pronouciation and say it like it should be spoken instead of mispronoucing it for the sake of a few silly people who are offended. After all, we don’t blush when we speak of Arsenal FC, that’s unless you are an embarrassed gooner, and we don’t mispronounce Arsene Wenger because his name sounds like the part of the body where the sun shines out of Jackie Webster. Some people need to get a grip on life and grow up.